Text Messages

A collection of text messages I've received about vanity plates:

Jason Jason, 2010/4/8: I've got some ish to take care of but we'll see. Also, saw these 2day: DOKTORO, GGFNCE2, SHIELS

Jason Jason, 2010/3/14: 49FAFUL

Jason Jason, 2010/3/15: AIKIKYU on a grey xB

Chris Catfood, 2010/3/25: It's not a vanity plate, but there's a car in front of of [sic] that's '2 shy 4 09' guess it would've been cooler to see it just before the end of 08

Jason Jason, 2010/4/11: BXCNTRC on an xB. UBUNTUU on a volvo suv type thing.

Jason Jason, 2009/12/30: CHYQTA on a mini cooper.

Chris Catfood, 2010/3/9: Just saw a license plate that said 4umang<3

Jason Jason, 2009/12/23: Plate on a scion xb: MENABOX

Jason Jason, 2010/3/18: PYROFAN. The plate frame was for PyroSpectaculars fireworks.

Jason Jason, 2010/3/31: BEARS2K on a porsche, driven by an asian dude.

Max, 2009/10/26: Just saw a license plate that said PIZZA


2N2 IS 4 (California)

Sent in by Shawn who says he saw this on Sepulveda in LA.

CEE SHEL (California)

I saw this at the Highway 85 - Highway 87 interchange as I was driving to South San Jo!

SILVA DO (California)

Hum dee dum. Seen at the Lucky's parking lot near my house.

BABIDLL (California)

I have no idea where I saw this. How come I never have anything interesting to say?

JAM RCK (California)

Stolen from my friend Irene. Word about my license plate obsession is getting around.

LYDIBUG (California)

Stolen from my friend Lydia. I have very few friends, if any, aside from Lydia, with a custom plate. Then again, I will probably never have one myself.